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Calindo is an organization focussed on strengthening the social and economic bonds between the two great countries of Indonesia and Canada. This website appeals to Indonesians who have spent time or are interested in Canada and Canadians who have either spent time in Indonesia or are interested in Indonesia. While Calindo has a very close relationship with the Embassy of Canada in Indonesia and many Calindo activities include the involvement and support of the Embassy of Canada, Calindo is an independent organization and not related to the Government of Indonesia or the Government of Canada.

Despite the geographical distance between Indonesia and Canada, both countries have much to offer each other and Calindo provides the bridge to make good things happen.

Some of Our Member Highlights


Bakmi Culiner – Weekly – Every Saturday

  Saturday, September 29. 2018 Bakmi Aloi - Grogol https://www.zomato.com/id/jakarta/bakmi-aloi-grogol/menu...

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joint net baru
ICCC-Calindo Business Networking: Canadian Alumni Reunion 2018

Come celebrate the New Year with  H.E. Peter MacArthur, Ambassador of...

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Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner – October 7th 2017

CANADIAN THANKSGIVING DINNER Saturday, October 7th 2017 5:30pm – finished Join...

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