Canadian Alumni In Indonesia (CALINDO) was officially formed in Jakarta on the 1st of September, 1994. Calindo is comprised of Indonesians and Canadians who are interested in helping each other, and to develop an active alumni group through networking. The motto of Calindo is “Networking For a Better Future“.

Through close association with the Canadian Embassy in Jakarta and other Canadian organizations, Calindo seeks to foster friendship and business networking between alumni, both domestically and internationally. Calindo is also dedicated to encourage prospective students opt for the excellence of Canadian education. It is working hand in hand with the Canadian Education Center (CEC), assisting Indonesian students in their selection of a suitable institution.

Many of Calindo’s members are in senior positions both, in the public and private sectors, and they include several Ministers and former Ministers, government officials and Chief Executives of publicly listed companies. Currently, there are over 7,000 Indonesians and expatriates who have graduated from Canadian schools and universities who are living and working in Indonesia.

By becoming a member of Calindo you will have the opportunity to meet and network with other members who have experienced studying in Canada. You will also enjoy the many activities and privileges accorded to Calindo members.

UPDATES: In October 2018, Current BOD is revamping and redefining the 5 core elements of what Calindo is about. Vision, Mission, Slogan, Core Values, and Logo.

To be the “melting-pot” of social interactions among individuals/communities with diverse interest in Canada

To gather canadian interested communities in fun, vibrant, and engaging social settings.
To form new friendship and solid bonds that supports one another.
To contribute a positive social impact towards external communities.

Your Canadian Social Hub

Community of friends with interest in Canadian related regardless of social economic background, religion, political views, and values.

The new logo symbolizes Maple leaf (as Canadian element) w/ Batik pattern (as Indonesian element) with black tie (symbolizes young generation) with bold black Calindo wording) to represent and highlight Calindo in the middle of the Indonesia and Canada.