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Baksos Marunda 30 September 2017

baksos marunda

Calindo bought 300 pax Sembako package (oil, sugar, rice)
– need members (Calindo, ICCC, Embassy) and others to help distribute to PAUD – Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini (Early Childhood Education needs)
Let’s meet and together do CAR-POOL at RUKO ROYAL SUNTER blok F no 36. DANAU SUNTER SELATAN.
We will LEAVE Ruko Royal Sunter at 07:30.
1. Wear simple, basic, light clothing. NO jewellery or expensive items.
2. Bathroom access is LIMITED (a.k.a NONE). DO NOT eat / drink excessively.
RSVP to Hanna (


Thank you for coming to our event!
Check some of our wonderful moments below


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Program for New Immigrants

On Dec 16th, Canadian immigrant magazine has organized a career, education and settlement fair for new comers to Canada, our employment counsellor Silvia Di Blasio is one of the guest speakers for their speakers session :).  Please see details below and help to distribute the attached flyer to your clients. It promises to be a good one…

IMMIGRANT EXPO coming to VANCOUVER Career, Education & Settlement Fair for Immigrants

(Vancouver, November 13, 2013) — After three successful fairs in Toronto, Canadian Immigrant magazine and Scotiabank are proud to present their fourth Career, Education and Settlement Fair for newcomers to Canada, this time in Vancouver, B.C. The free, day-long immigrant expo will take place on Monday, December 16, 2013, at the Vancouver Public Library, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Every year, thousands of immigrants arrive in Metro Vancouver, with great ambitions for their family’s future. However, many of them face culture shock about the realities of Canadian living — from continuing education to obtaining employment to getting settled into day-to-day life. The goal of the fair is to inform and motivate new Canadians as they begin and continue their settlement journey. It aims to provide essential information and tips on job hunting, accreditation, upgrading of education, settling in and more.

Plus the especial event, we still have the on-going supports to the new comers. Please circle the date on your calendar:

Skills Connect Program information sessions starting @ 10:00am on Thursdays.

Skills Connect Program for Immigrants Info Session

When: 10:00am, November 28; December 2, 12, and 19 , 2013  (Thursdays)

A kind reminder: we don’t have Info Session on Dec 26 and Jan 2, 2013

Where: #303-7337, 137th Street, Surrey, V3W 1A4

What to Bring: Original PR card or Landing Paper + Passport

Whom to Call: 604-590-4021 ext 2193(Cherry)

Calindo Chairman Night

1a11Jakarta, Nov 11th,2011. After a few months delayed, finally the most important meeting by Calindo was finally held on the Friday evening. Gathered in the Basement, Menara Danamon, level P1, core group BOD and closed members of Calindo made official the new chairman of Calindo for 2012, Mr.Ipung Kurnia, which was handed over by current Calindo chairman, Mr.Milias Halim.

The gathering was started a bit late,due to many events held on that date(11-11-11) all around Jakarta that hindered many to come. Members were starting to come around 7:30pm, pioneered by Mr. Lukas Djuanda, and Mr. John Salim.
In the beginning, there was a nice surprise with the coming of blast from the past member of Calindo in90’s era: Livius Nurtanio, who had just been in Indonesia for short period of time due to his business that requires him to go back and forth to Hong Kong. He knew about the event through the email blast done by Calindo secretary, but he didn’t stay for long since he had another appointment. The evening was started by delicious meal served by friendly staff of The Basement.

1a31Mr. Edwin Pieroelie, the Jakarta guy, opened the gathering by welcoming all and introducing the vision ofthe gathering. After Mr. Milias Halim, chairman Calindo 2007 –2011, gave his highlight report during his tenure and last words as chairman, Mr. Yandri, as the election committee, introduced Mr. Ipung Kurnia as the newly selected Calindo Chairman. Mr. Ipung is actuallya familiar face through out Calindo Members since he held the position before in early 2000. He gave his short remarks on his gratitude tobe trusted this position again and his big picture of plan regarding future Calindo. The series of speech was closed by Mr. Jacob Susetyo,the die hard Calindo member, who will serve as the new vice chairman.

Time certainly flies when you get together with people that share common interest and experiences. It was a very pleasant Friday evening, and an encouraging one for all Calindo members as we open up a new chapter of working term. (CalindoRed)